Meet Molly

Lemont, Illinois Photographer

I see magic in the world.

Or that might just be the glitter from yesterday.
Photographer / Lover of Glitter / Dreamer

Molly Hebda

I set out to capture the incredible moments of strength, emotion and beauty that lie in each of my clients and their journey in life. I am not going to lie, I see magic in each person I meet, even if they haven’t believed in magic since they were young. 

I am a mother of a loving yet, photo hating, teenage son and a wife, to a man who fired me from laundry but helps me reach for my dreams on a daily basis. And let me tell you, there is a lot of glitter, definitely rhinestones, cases of flowers and sometimes unicorns in these dreams. This man puts up with a lot!

At a young age, I found that I loved to evoke different emotions from people. This led me to pursue theater performance and dance in school and thereafter. I have had my Oscar speech prepared and memorized since I was 10. Laughter through tears is still one of my favorite things. 

I then began a long and passioned career in makeup artistry. I am not afraid of color and loved recreating looks straight from a magazine page. But, my ultimate joy was when a woman came in who was either a mother who never wore makeup, one who was battling cancer or someone who was starting a new career, looked into the mirror and saw just how beautiful she is. This was magic to me. Her physicality changed in an instant, and there was a sparkle in her eye. She stood a little taller, her slouched shoulders lifted and her face lit up with a smile. This has inspired me every day.

Flash forward to having the exact same kind of moments when I show clients photos of themselves during a boudoir or fashion shoot or seeing their little ones being captured in a new light. Their eyes light up, a smile lifts onto their face and they get excited to do it again.

Let me help you capture your moments and show you that magic, here and now. 


If you are ready to create your dream shoot, contact me and I will set down the rhinestones and grab my camera!

Me and my guys.
I got to be a fairy princess.
A magical sunset.